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SKU Number : 411721

A preventative from  moisture entering the VITEK® MS vacuum system. 

Quantity: 1 - 500 gram bottle

Information : This product cannot be returned.

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Air is passed through a desiccant gel to dry it and prevent moisture from entering the VITEK® MS vacuum system. Moisture in the vacuum system results in longer pump-down times. The desiccant is Silica gel. When the desiccant is new, it is bright orange in color but as it absorbs moisture, it turns to pale yellow. You can regenerate silica gel by removing it from the bottle and heating it overnight in a laboratory oven at 110°C. Allow the desiccant to cool before refilling the bottle. When the desiccant has regenerated, it returns to bright orange in color. Silica gel may be regenerated many times before it needs replacing.