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BacT/ALERT® iAST Culture Bottles

SKU Number : 259786

Standard Aerobic Culture Medium - 100 per box

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BacT/ALERT® iAST culture bottles are used with the BacT/ALERT® Microbial Detection Systems in qualitative procedures for enhanced recovery and detection of a variety of anaerobic microorganisms.

Media and test samples should be validated for each application. Industry "i" bottles have performance characteristics and quality control performed with relevant USP, EP and JP microorganisms.

The BacT/ALERT® Microbial Detection Systems and BacT/ALERT® iAST culture bottles provide both a microbial detection system and a culture medium with suitable nutritional and environmental conditions for the growth and detection of a variety of aerobic and facultative microorganisms that may be present in processed or aseptically prepared products. Inoculated bottles are placed into the instrument where they are incubated and continuously monitored for the presence of microorganisms that will grow in the BacT/ALERT® iAST culture bottle.