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SKU Number : AEB120102

For detection and enumeration of Bacillus cereus. Included in the FDA BAM.

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Bacillus cereus belongs to the Bacillus cereus group within which can be found B. thuringiensis, B. weihenstephanensis, B. mycoides, B. pseudo-mycoides and B. anthracis. Except the last-mentioned, the phenotypic differentiation between species of Bacillus cereus is impossible with actual culture methods. BACARA™ agar is a selective chromogenic medium that allows the enumeration of Bacillus of the cereus group without confirmation.

On BACARA™, typical colonies of B. cereus show a pink-orange color due to the metabolism of the chromogen substrate and are surrounded with an opaque halo due to the phospholipase activity. The selectivity of BACARA™ agar has been especially optimized to prevent growth of interfering flora and thus to allow an easy interpretation of plates even when matrix highly contaminated with competitive flora are analyzed.