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ESIA™ (20 x 90MM Plates)

SKU Number : AEB520010

Chromogenic culture medium for the specific detection of Cronobacter spp.

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ESIA™ Chromogenic Medium is used for the specific detection of Cronobacter spp. (including Cronobacter sakazakii) in food samples such as milk powder, powdered infant formula and food prepared from milk powder. ESIA agar is the ISO/TS 22964 standard required medium for the detection of Cronobacter spp. in powdered milk and powdered infant formula. Additional reagents required according to this ISO method are also available: ESIA Agar, Buffered Peptone Water, mLST broth, TSA Agar.

ESIA Agar is easy to read with Cronobacter spp. producing blue-green colonies on a clear background. ESIA is associated with a convenient “1 bag/1plate” protocol: ESSB broth is formulated to provide optimal growth of Cronobacter spp. while inhibiting interfering flora on ESIA agar. ESIA agar provides fast results in 21 ±3 hrs at 44°C.

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