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Xylose Lysine Deoxycholate Agar (10 plates)

SKU Number : M1031

XLD Agar is a selective differential medium for the isolation of Gramnegative enteric bacteria.

Quantity of 41 packs or more requires a 42 day lead time.


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Selection and differentiation of gram-negative enteric pathogens (Salmonella colonies expressed as red w/black centers, Shigella colonies expressed as red, Escherichia colonies expressed as yellow, opaque colonies). XLD Agar relies on xylose fermentation, lysine decarboxylation and production of hydrogen sulfide for the primary differentiation of Shigellae and Salmonellae from non-pathogenic bacteria. Rapid xylose fermentation is almost universal among enteric bacteria except for members of Shigellae, Providencia and Edwardsiellae groups

Store according to the package label in an upright position in the dark. Do not freeze. Allow warming of medium to room temperature before inoculation.