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SKU Number : AESAP1081

Automated Media Preparator

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Masterclave 528 enables to prepare 5L to 28L of high quality culture media within 75 min. The MASTERCLAVE® 528 has been especially designed to suit small to mid-sized laboratory needs in the areas of mobility, for agar and broth preparation.
Masterclave state of the art technology provides high throughput with fast automated media preparation. Three selectable speeds are available. Excellent media homogenization is achieved during both sterilization and distribution with large magnetic stirrers. Accurate core temperature monitoring guarantees high quality agar or broth for volumes from 5L up to 28L with complete traceability. Masterclave safety covers are lift-assisted and automatically lock above 80°C. New FAST and ECO operating modes enable you to save time or reduce the cooling water consumption. It features a completely maintenance free magnetic sensor, a graphic user interface for ultimate ease of operation, smooth opening and closing and easy cleaning.