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SKU Number : 415443

Fully-Automated Real-Time Microbial Detection and Enumeration System

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CHEMUNEX® Cell Labeling Technology ensures that all viable microorganisms including those growing in conditions of stress such nutrient-depleted process water or in the presence of growth inhibitors are labeled. Automated, extremely sensitive and ultra-rapid, CHEMUNEX® analyzers perform direct labeling and detection of microorganisms, cell by cell. Universal labeling of viable bacteria, yeasts and molds. Effective for organisms that are environmentally stressed, nutrient-depleted or in presence of growth inhibitors Objective Yes or No results require no interpretation Generate results within minutes after 24 hours (50h for molds).Full validation support available. Simple Process: Filtration - microorganisms are captured on a special membrane, to which a solution is added, labeling all viable cells by making them fluoresce, Scanning - in less than 3 minutes, all viable cells fixed to the membrane are detected by the laser, Results - immediate display of direct viable cell count and of scan map delivering the precise location of each detected microorganism on the membrane Data processing - with a 21 CFR part 11 compliant data management system, all results are delivered in the form of a tabulated data sheet, which includes daily control results

High performance & rapid microbiology testing method. Commercial sterility tests in hours. Quantitative direct results in minutes Results 2 to 7 days earlier than traditional methods Significant reduction of quarantine times and warehouses costs. Rapid microbial results for finished product release, raw materials and in-process control delivered by CHEMUNEX® technology have a direct impact on the reduction of quarantine time, warehouse costs and production disruption.