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SKU Number : 306-R2048-04

For use with Chemunex® Systems for Rapid Microbial Detection

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Food companies worldwide have relied on CHEMUNEX® technology to deliver safe, high-quality products to their customers for more than 20 years. These companies know they are not only releasing a safe product but also enjoying the financial benefits of ultra-rapid microbial testing - gaining efficiencies on both the production floor and in the laboratory. Quick turnaround time from QC shortens production cycles by reducing final product quarantine times. Fast QC also empowers production with knowledge from in-process testing so products found to be out of specification can be rejected prior to final filling. If deviations are found, CHEMUNEX® helps pinpoint root cause so swift corrective action can be taken to recover from contamination events. The collective time savings allows food manufacturers to run leaner through stock optimization and production agility.