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SKU Number : 80001

For the Enumeration of Yeasts and Molds in 72-76 hours (48 tests per kit).

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TEMPO® YM is intended for use exclusively with the TEMPO® system for the enumeration of yeasts and molds in 72-76 hours in food products and environmental samples.TEMPO® YM is part of a group of automated assays for hygiene indicator/spoilage organism testing. Other assays in the TEMPO® panel include: TEMPO® AC (411113), TEMPO® EC (80004), TEMPO® CC (80044); TEMPO® STA (80002); & TEMPO® EB (80003), TEMPO® LAB (80071), and TEMPO® BC (80106). Each kit of TEMPO® YM contains 48 tests.
By eliminating media preparation, serial dilutions, manual colony counting, and visual interpretation of results, the TEMPO® YM assay provides results that are reliable, rapid, and offer the potential for significant economic savings, in labor and increased efficiency.