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VIDAS® Immuno-Concentration (ICE) E.COLI 0157

SKU Number : 30526

An automated test for use on the VIDAS® family of instruments, for the selective enrichment of E. coli O157.

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VIDAS® Immuno-ConcentrationE. coli O157 (ICE) is intended for use in conjunction with the VIDAS® UP E. coli O157 (including H7) (ECPT) assays. It enables the simplification and easy interpretation of confirmation tests on samples in which E. coli O157 have been detected by VIDAS® ECO or VIDAS ECPT. Direct plating of certain enriched samples which screened positive with VIDAS® ECO or VIDAS® ECPT can result in the overgrowth of the target E. coli O157 by competitive enteric flora. VIDAS® Immuno-Concentration E. coli O157 (IC) is a fully automated method for the selective concentration of E. coli O157 from enrichment broth. The procedure enhances the performance of the selective isolation media.

The VIDAS® system allows for a flexible work routine with a sectioned architecture (5 sections of 6 tests each), an add-on modular system, more efficient workflow, batch testing (up to 100 tests/2 hr.), single sample testing, random test capability and multi-parametric testing. All VIDAS® assays are single-dose format assays and cost effective. Everything included in one kit and no reagent preparation. The VIDAS® system is easy to use, always ready with no startup and minimal maintenance. VIDAS® reagents are ready-to-use – just load and go.