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SKU Number : 30707

VIDAS® SPT is a next day, automated qualitative test for the detection of Salmonella food products. 



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VIDAS® SPT is an enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Salmonella receptors using the ELFA method (Enzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay). The Solid Phase Receptacle (SPR®) serves as the solid phase as well as the pipetting device. The interior of the SPR® is coated with proteins specific for Salmonella receptors. Reagents for the assay are ready-to-use and pre-dispensed in the sealed reagent strips. All of the assay steps are performed automatically by the instrument. The reaction medium is cycled in and out of the SPR® several times. Part of the enrichment broth is dispensed into the reagent strip. The Salmonella receptors present will bind to the interior of the SPR®. Unbound components are eliminated during the washing steps. The proteins conjugated to the alkaline phosphatase are cycled in and out of the SPR® and will bind to any Salmonella receptors, which are themselves bound to the SPR® wall. A final wash step removes unbound conjugate. Each kit of VIDAS® Salmonella PT contains 60 tests.


The VIDAS® system allows for a flexible work routine with a sectioned architecture (5 sections of 6 tests each), an add-on modular system, more efficient workflow, batch testing (up to 100 tests/2 hr.), single sample testing, random test capability and multi-parametric testing. All VIDAS® assays are single-dose format assays and cost effective. Everything included in one kit and no reagent preparation – just load and go. The VIDAS® system is easy to use, always ready with no startup and minimal maintenance. VIDAS® reagents are ready-to-use – just load and go®.