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DiversiLab® Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

SKU Number : 270730

DNA Fingerprinting and Analysis System

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The DiversiLab® system provides best in class genotypic characterization of bacteria, yeast and mold, providing same-day strain typing for real- time investigations.The system automates and standardizes a traditionally complex process while increasing consistency, reproducibility and ease of interpretation. The DiversiLab® system has wide applications in biotechnology process, biopharmaceutical and environmental control. Software is dynamic, with secure reports and 21CFR11 compliance. The DiversiLab® system complements a complete offer in environmental, product control.

Automated strain typing increases consistency, reproducibility and ease of interpretation. Full traceability to simplify workflow. Two software options so sample information is stored in an easy-to-use format. Web-based application accessible on any computer with internet access. Secured software with user-assigned personal password. Local installation. Complete solution with reagents for each step of the workflow. Each kit is quality-controlled. Easy-to-use format for a consistent procedure for each type of organism. Wide range of reagent kits.