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This product is discontinued.

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The DiversiLab® DNA fingerprinting kits are designed to generate rep-PCR DNA fingerprints from pure-cultured microbial samples. These kits contain the reagents and buffers needed to set up PCR reactions using rep-PCR primers, starting from extracted genomic DNA from microbial isolates. The Bacterial Kit is designed to be used on all Gram Positive and Gram Negative bacteria, however it cannot be used to discriminate strains of Mycobacteria or fungal species.
The DiversiLab® DNA fingerprinting kits use rep-PCR technology, which takes advantage of the non-coding repetitive sequences found interspersed throughout the genomes of all bacteria and fungi studied to date. Key to the DiversiLab® kit is primer sets that are complementary to these repetitive sequences. When PCR is performed using these primer sets, the DNA sequences between the repetitive elements are amplified. Thus, multiple fragments throughout the microbial genome are amplified simultaneously.